The Facility is available 24/7 for use by all UCSD researchers, on a recharge basis, as well as external parties. The instruments are typically operated by the users but Facility personnel can acquire data as a service if desired. Time may be reserved using the online scheduler. Contact the Facility to obtain a login ID and password for the scheduler. If you require large amounts of time or need to reserve time far in advance, please contact the Facility.


The Facility uses a tiered rate structure with one set of rates for UCSD researchers and another for non-UCSD work. We charge for instrument time, the time in which the spectometer is being used, and personnel time, the time taken by Facility personnel actively involved in sample preparation or the acquisition or analysis of data.

Instrument time is determined based upon the login and logout times recorded by the spectrometer workstation. It is essential that users logout after completing their experiments to avoid excess charges. Login and logout times should also be noted in the logbook next to each workstation. This enables us to check unusual or disputed login times, and to correct charges in the case of equipment failure. If the instrument does not behave correctly then this should be noted in the logbook. Please read the section on failed experiments.

Personnel time is time spent by Facility personnel on sample preparation, spectrometer operation or data analysis. Studies by UCSD researchers requiring extensive suport from Facility personnel in these areas can be performed as a collaboration or as a sevice, but this decision must be made before starting the work. Collaborative studies will not be charged for labor but must include the involved Facility personnel as authors on any publications arising as a result of the work.

As of August 2014 our fee structure is as follows:

Instrument time $15.25 / hour $50.00 / hour
Personnel time $90.00 / hour $180.00 / hour

If you wish to have Facility personnel prepare your samples we offer several types of NMR tubes and various solvents, or we can suggest where you might be able to purchase your own. Prices for consumables suppied by the Facility are listed below.

Category Item Unit Cost
NMR tubes 5mm Wilmad 535 PP 7” 1 tube $18.50
1.7mm Bruker 4” 1 tube $4.50
disposable syringes to fill 1.7mm tubes 1 syringe $8.50
Solvents acetonitrile-d3 (99.6%) 0.5 mL $3.70
chloroform-d (99.8%) 0.75 mL $2.50
deuterium oxide (99.9%) 0.6 mL $2.10
deuterium oxide (99.96%) 0.6 mL $8.50
dimethyl sulfoxide-d6 (99.9%) 0.75 mL $2.75
methanol-d4 (99.8%) 0.6 mL $6.00
Data archival DVD 1 disk $1.00


We have found that training is best done in a hands-on fashion using the user's own samples. This allows us to assess the user's abilities and requirements and to tailor training to best meet their needs. If you wish to be trained in the operation of the spectrometers please contact the Facility providing your name, email address, and the name of the responsible PI. We will send you a login and password to access the scheduler and the door codes required to enter the Facility. You can then schedule some time to run your samples and we will assist you with data acquisition and processing. We anticipate providing training on more advanced topics for small groups at regular intervals.

Sample submission

Please contact the Facility to discuss your needs when considering submitting a sample for analysis. Samples may be submitted already prepared in NMR tubes or you can provide samples that we will dissolve in the requested deuterated solvents and transfer to the appropriate NMR tube. When submitting a sample we require that a sample submission form be completed and submitted along with the sample. Data can be returned by electronic means, on paper, or on DVD. Samples can also be returned if requested.

Data transfer and storage

Users are repsonsible for backing up their own data and moving it off the workstations. Since internet connectivity from the spectrometer workstations is limited most people copy their data to an external drive connected via a USB port.

When data is collected by Facility personnel as a service we will arrange for the data to be provided by an acceptable method, either hardcopy on paper, raw data on an optical disk, or electronic transfer via a secure website.

Periodically old data will be deleted from the workstations. Notice will be given before any data is deleted.

Failed experiments

In the case of experimental failures the PI will not be expected to pay for NMR time if the failure was the responsibility of the Facility. For example, if the instrument broke down, or a standard parameter set provided by the Facility was used and did not work, then charges for the time will be waived. If the failure was the responsibility of the user, e.g. the sample was not concentrated enough or was poorly behaved, a non-standard parameter set was used and did not work, or the experiment was too demanding for the instrument and/or sample, then the user will be responsible for the costs of the time used. Please note that in these cases the user should be able to tell before setting the experiment running that it is unlikely to work. Preliminary 1D spectra or 2D planes of 3D experiments should enable a well-informed decision on the viability of the experiment. If you can't see good signal in your test cases then you should think carefully before setting a long experiment running.

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