LOGO: NMR Facility

State of the art NMR
for UCSD and external users

Open to all

We provide access to state of the art NMR technology for both UCSD and external users. Users can collect their own data, facility staff can do it all for you, or collaborative projects can be developed. We provide training in instrument operation and can offer advice for data analysis or project feasibility.

High sensitivity

The facility houses two 600 MHz Bruker Avance III spectrometers with cryogenically cooled probes for enhanced sensitivity. For samples whose concentration is limited by the amount of material available, or by solubility, our 1.7 mm microcoil cryoprobe requires just 40 μl of solution.

Medicinal chemistry

We accomodate medicinal chemists by allowing walk-up access to our spectrometers. Standard parameter sets for all common experiments simplify data acquisition and allow chemists to focus on chemistry.

Natural products

Natural product studies demand excellent sensitivity due to the limited availablity of material. Two approaches to increase sensitivity are combined in our 1.7 mm cryoprobe; cryogenic cooling of the detection coil and preamplifier, and reduction of sample volume.

Structural biology

Our biomolecular instrument is equipped to handle the demands of modern methods for studying protein and nucleic acid structure and dynamics. The quad channel console and the indirect detect cryoprobe enables acquisition of triple resonance spectra.


Metabolomics demands high throughput and reproducibility to produce the large datasets necessary to extract correlations. Our BACS-60 sample changer enables automated collection of spectra on up to 60 samples at a time.